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Dynamic warm-up (2017)

October 9, 2017

Paragi training Bowie State University men’s basketball team (pre-season workout)



September 4, 2014

For the month of September we are going to talk about Determination and what Determination means to you.  Everyday on TV or social media, there are countless quotes, books, and stories on determination.  Let’s take a few commercials for example: Nike is famous for its slogan ‘Just Do It’; during the World Cup a few months ago Nike was also using the slogan ‘All In’; and how about the Misty Copeland commercial slogan ‘I Will What I Want’?

My question to you is: Once you set your mind on something (career, relationships, school, etc) do you make sure to see it through regardless of the obstacles? If you encounter a minor or a major setback, do you quit? Do you give up?

Determination is NEVER EVER GIVING UP.  It doesn’t matter how often you fall down, you get back up again and stay true to your course.   Make Determination one of your best assets.

“Determination builds character. It helps us become a more reliable person. It helps us meet our commitments. It helps us prioritize and manage our time to maximize positive results” (The Winning Edge, Linzy Davis).

Do not let your limitations be the reason you don’t go for your dreams or push for your goals.  For me, when the going gets tough I repeat loud of what my coach H’cone Thompson always says to me: “Keep Working. Keep Fighting” and I can immediately feel my resolve getting stronger.

Just like last month, I will post an upcoming video of how I stay determined.   And, as always, please feel free to post your videos and comments as well.

What is driving you?

July 31, 2014

Hi, this is Paragi and welcome to my (monthly) motivational video series.  This month we will talk about DRIVE.

With a month before school starting, athletes and students are busy getting ready for their sports or academics (hopefully both!)  If you’re a football player, this month is crucial especially since you’re about to start your two a days.

So what is it that DRIVES you to GRIND out each and every day with these activities? How do you define DRIVE and why is it so important? DRIVE is something that propels you to not only move forward but to do so with a specific purpose and passion.  You can have all the DRIVE in the world, but without putting in the time and effort – AKA the GRIND — DRIVE doesn’t matter nor will it lead to success.

Peyton Manning is arguably one of the best QBs of all time.  What DRIVES him every day when he’s waking up for training camp? It’s the second Lombardi Trophy that he’s been so close to getting twice. That is his purpose for continuing the daily GRIND.

What’s DRIVING you?

Post a video or comment or a pic of what DRIVES you on my Facebook, ParagiLLC page.  I will post an upcoming video of what DRIVES me as well! Make sure you’re living with purpose and passion and remember to always be game ready.

Are you mentally tough?

February 19, 2014

With high school and college basketball in the heart of their seasons, the following key factors play an important role in the outcome of the game:

–       Skill level/talent of the athlete;
–       Strength of the athlete; and
–       Conditioning level of the athlete.

But, when the game is close it all comes down to the final seconds and it’s all about who executes the shots at the “BIG” moments.  It comes down to mental toughness.  That’s what separates elite athletes from great athletes.  Mental toughness can also be shown in running a successful business, or in making difficult personal decisions, or in students knowing how to cope with their workload demands and extracurricular activities.

How does one become mentally tough? There are several characteristics:

–  Heart: March Madness is one of the most exciting times of the year.  Audiences root for their teams and cheer for upsets. Players fight for every possession, dive for loose balls, and never give up until the clock buzzes at 0:00. These athletes are playing for the name seen on the front of their jerseys; for the honor of something bigger than themselves and the team.  They are playing for their school, putting everything on the line.

–  Adaptability: Football players have to adjust their games for all scenarios – outdoors vs. dome, hot weather vs. cold weather, dry weather vs. rain or snow.  Elite athletes prepare themselves for all circumstances.  When they square up on the football field on game day, it is them against their opponents and not them against the elements/conditions.

–  Determination: What better example for this than Peyton Manning.  At 34, he underwent major surgery and endured an extremely challenging recovery.  Three years later, he took his team to Super Bowl XLVIII. He was named the 2012 NFL Comeback Player of the Year.  It is his courage and belief in himself – his resolve – that willed him to get better and focus on playing the best football (once again) that he’s capable of playing.

–  Preparation:  Rafael Nadal plays a very relentless, aggressive and physical all-court game. He played the longest-ever final in Grand Slam history in the 2012 Australian Open, a marathon match of 5 hours and 53 minutes.  What makes Nadal so tough to beat?  His practice sessions are played at the same intensity as game day matches.  Even his warm-up practice on game day is at 100% intensity.  His opponents have said that he plays every point like its match point.

–  Receptiveness:  LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined the Miami Heat in 2010 to help bring the city multiple championships.  Dwayne Wade was the face of the Miami Heat leading the team in assists and points scored before the arrival of his new teammates.  Wade’s openness to deferring to more talented LeBron James proved to be huge in the Miami Heat being world champions in both 2012 and 2013.

–  Integrity:  Defeat is difficult and humbling.  If you have given your all and still find yourself on the losing end, it’s important to show sportsmanship and give credit to your opponent.  Accepting your loss and learning from your mistakes is key.  Go back, practice hard and smart, so you are stronger, hungrier, and better prepared for a re-match.

Everyday life tests your mental toughness.  How will you respond?

Pool Workout

July 11, 2013

I have always enjoyed swimming especially in the summer.  Jared Lawrence, Director of Performance Training, Inc. suggested that I try deep water running to mix up my pool workout.  I must say after trying it once, I am hooked because I get a break from my track routine while still getting an intense workout.

What is pool running?

It’s like running on a track, treadmill or road without any impact.  It’s mimicking the sprint and or the running technique in a deep or shallow water environment.

Technique and benefits –

“Take short, quick strides. A fast cadence intensifies the workout. Keep in mind, however, that water is more resistant than air, so your pace will decrease accordingly.”*  Pool running should all be done in deep water with the use of a flotation belt.  With proper technique and form this workout can be harder than running on land.  Pool running is a great way to cross train with an extremely low risk of injury to your body.  If you’re injured it can aid in recovery.  Most importantly it decreases the risk of sustaining injuries by eleminating the constant pounding of the stress the hard surface causes on your body (joints).

Kick board –

I have also added a kick board routine to this workout.  I use it because it allows me to exclusively work my legs, hips and abdominal muscles.


** Please consult your physician before trying the workout.



Hip Flexors Don’t Lie

June 28, 2013

Your hip flexors assist the leg move up and down and stabilize the spine. Hip flexors are located in the abdomen and upper thigh and are among the strongest in the body. They are the most under-developed muscle group in strength training*. The reason for that is the lack of appropriate exercise. They not only aid in your overall performance but help in the prevention of injuries. Besides working on making the hip flexors stronger, don’t forget to stretch them out. Tight hip flexors can hinder performance, a common problem with many athletes and the general population.  The above video shows Chris Wright, a former Georgetown Hoya and a long time client of Paragi, LLC going through a series of basic hip exercises that you can do at your next workout or at your leisure.

Circuit # 1
(1) Up and down – be mindful of not bending the knee on the upward motion.
(2) Knee to chest – aim to drive your knee all the way to your chest. 
(3) Combination (up and down; knee to chest)

Circuit # 2
(1) Knee to chest
(2) Fire hydrant
(3) Up and overs – keep your knee straight when kicking the leg up.

Ross B. (2006) Hip Flexors – The most underdeveloped muscle group in strength training.

** This is a circuit workout.  Please complete a full cicuit of 1 minute or 20 repetitions per exercise before moving to the next one.

*** Please consult your physician before trying the workout.


Fun Summer Food Ideas

May 24, 2013

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer.  I want to share a few refreshing, light, yummy food ideas. Please mark your calendars now for the next date I will be at Trader Joe’s – June 8th, 11am – 12pm, Silver Spring, MD.  For those who were unable to make it to Trader Joe’s in May, here is what I shared:


Be creative with your smoothies and have fun. You can add peanut butter, oatmeal, kale, etc. to shake things up.  The great thing about a smoothie is that you can add variety of food groups and enjoy a delicious drink.  Brandon Broadnax (owner of Elevation Strength and Conditioning) has me hooked on this smoothie recipe:


Coconut water or coconut milk (summer is a great time to try some coconut water)

4 cubes of ice

Flaxseeds (optional)



If you want to add Kale instead of spinach then just add a few more berries for sweetness.


My favorite summer salad is a basil, tomato and mozzarella salad.  You can add salt and pepper to taste and some extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and balsamic vinegar.

Try tomato and mozzarella and add pesto sauce on a ciabatta bread or a baguette and you have a yummy, light sandwich.


Yogurt sundae – fat-free French vanilla yogurt topped with fresh berries and granola or chopped walnuts and almonds

Apple with (natural) peanut butter, especially before a workout

Carrots with hummus (olive oil on hummus optional)

A few weeks ago I blogged about “Does your workout lack intensity?”  In the blog I talked about:
-Focusing on quality over quantity
-Keeping your workouts between 30-40 minute duration

One of the ways to accomplish the most from your workouts in a short amount of time is doing compound exercises.  “Compound exercises are movements that require more than 1 joint and more than 1 muscle group”. (

The following video shows a list of compound exercises that you can try outdoors for your next workout.   For this workout,  all you need is a sandbag or a medicine ball and a resistance band.  So go out, try the workout with your family or friends or by yourself,  enjoy some sun, and don’t forget to apply sunblock 🙂

* This is a circuit workout.  Please complete a full circuit of 1 minute or 20 repetitions per exercise before moving to the next one.  Rest for 1-2 minutes once the entire circuit is completed.  Repeat the circuit once more or as you deem fit. 

**Always remember to warm-up for 3-5 minutes prior to your workout, and for a cool-down, stretch for 5 minutes.  Please consult your physician before trying the workout.