September 4, 2014

For the month of September we are going to talk about Determination and what Determination means to you.  Everyday on TV or social media, there are countless quotes, books, and stories on determination.  Let’s take a few commercials for example: Nike is famous for its slogan ‘Just Do It’; during the World Cup a few months ago Nike was also using the slogan ‘All In’; and how about the Misty Copeland commercial slogan ‘I Will What I Want’?

My question to you is: Once you set your mind on something (career, relationships, school, etc) do you make sure to see it through regardless of the obstacles? If you encounter a minor or a major setback, do you quit? Do you give up?

Determination is NEVER EVER GIVING UP.  It doesn’t matter how often you fall down, you get back up again and stay true to your course.   Make Determination one of your best assets.

“Determination builds character. It helps us become a more reliable person. It helps us meet our commitments. It helps us prioritize and manage our time to maximize positive results” (The Winning Edge, Linzy Davis).

Do not let your limitations be the reason you don’t go for your dreams or push for your goals.  For me, when the going gets tough I repeat loud of what my coach H’cone Thompson always says to me: “Keep Working. Keep Fighting” and I can immediately feel my resolve getting stronger.

Just like last month, I will post an upcoming video of how I stay determined.   And, as always, please feel free to post your videos and comments as well.