Hip Flexors Don’t Lie

June 28, 2013

Your hip flexors assist the leg move up and down and stabilize the spine. Hip flexors are located in the abdomen and upper thigh and are among the strongest in the body. They are the most under-developed muscle group in strength training*. The reason for that is the lack of appropriate exercise. They not only aid in your overall performance but help in the prevention of injuries. Besides working on making the hip flexors stronger, don’t forget to stretch them out. Tight hip flexors can hinder performance, a common problem with many athletes and the general population.  The above video shows Chris Wright, a former Georgetown Hoya and a long time client of Paragi, LLC going through a series of basic hip exercises that you can do at your next workout or at your leisure.

Circuit # 1
(1) Up and down – be mindful of not bending the knee on the upward motion.
(2) Knee to chest – aim to drive your knee all the way to your chest. 
(3) Combination (up and down; knee to chest)

Circuit # 2
(1) Knee to chest
(2) Fire hydrant
(3) Up and overs – keep your knee straight when kicking the leg up.

Ross B. (2006) Hip Flexors – The most underdeveloped muscle group in strength training.

** This is a circuit workout.  Please complete a full cicuit of 1 minute or 20 repetitions per exercise before moving to the next one.

*** Please consult your physician before trying the workout.