Pool Workout

July 11, 2013

I have always enjoyed swimming especially in the summer.  Jared Lawrence, Director of Performance Training, Inc. suggested that I try deep water running to mix up my pool workout.  I must say after trying it once, I am hooked because I get a break from my track routine while still getting an intense workout.

What is pool running?

It’s like running on a track, treadmill or road without any impact.  It’s mimicking the sprint and or the running technique in a deep or shallow water environment.

Technique and benefits –

“Take short, quick strides. A fast cadence intensifies the workout. Keep in mind, however, that water is more resistant than air, so your pace will decrease accordingly.”*  Pool running should all be done in deep water with the use of a flotation belt.  With proper technique and form this workout can be harder than running on land.  Pool running is a great way to cross train with an extremely low risk of injury to your body.  If you’re injured it can aid in recovery.  Most importantly it decreases the risk of sustaining injuries by eleminating the constant pounding of the stress the hard surface causes on your body (joints).

Kick board –

I have also added a kick board routine to this workout.  I use it because it allows me to exclusively work my legs, hips and abdominal muscles.


** Please consult your physician before trying the workout.