– St. John’s College High School, Girl’s and Boy’s Basketball

Team training, Group training and Individual Training –

Paragi, LLC  –
· Prepares university teams, premier high school teams, AAU circuits and individual athletes to compete on a national level.
· Creates sport’s specific workouts to maximize their strengths, improve core condition, increase flexibility, and prevent injuries.
· Works with the most elite athletes in the country competing in several sports including but not limited to basketball, lacrosse, baseball and football.

– St. John’s College High School, Girl’s Soccer and Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Boy’s Basketball

Workouts include –

Conditioning Workout
Every drill will be performed at full game speed and intensity.

·  Footwork drills using ladder, hurdle, cone drills, etc. to improve first step quickness and to help athletes move better around the court or field.

·  Reaction work via sound ignition, visual ignition, reaction balls and similar techniques to improve anticipation and reaction time during the game.

·  Plyometric exercises by doing weighted jumps, forward and lateral bounding and other explosive movements to enhance power, speed and reduce risk of injuries.

·  Agility training incorporating cone drills, band running drills, and a range of speed drills to work on acceleration, proper deceleration and the ability to rapidly change directions without the loss of speed, balance or body control.

– Drew Farber – Baseball player at UNCW

Functional Training
·  Core development will be specifically targeted during each workout as well as incorporated in the full body strength training.

·  Stretching and Flexibility will be implemented in every workout by performing dynamic warm-ups, using foam rollers, applying the concepts of yoga, etc.

Weight Training
Full body workout using the HIT (High Intensity Training) method. Emphasis on proper form, technique and working on alleviating muscular imbalances by performing many isolated body exercises.

Each athlete will be provided with a nutrition guide that will educate him or her about pre-game and post-game nutrition, food facts and suggestions for weight gain or loss depending on individual goals.