Taking Your Workout Outdoors

May 13, 2013

A few weeks ago I blogged about “Does your workout lack intensity?”  In the blog I talked about:
-Focusing on quality over quantity
-Keeping your workouts between 30-40 minute duration

One of the ways to accomplish the most from your workouts in a short amount of time is doing compound exercises.  “Compound exercises are movements that require more than 1 joint and more than 1 muscle group”. (www.muscleandstrength.com)

The following video shows a list of compound exercises that you can try outdoors for your next workout.   For this workout,  all you need is a sandbag or a medicine ball and a resistance band.  So go out, try the workout with your family or friends or by yourself,  enjoy some sun, and don’t forget to apply sunblock 🙂

* This is a circuit workout.  Please complete a full circuit of 1 minute or 20 repetitions per exercise before moving to the next one.  Rest for 1-2 minutes once the entire circuit is completed.  Repeat the circuit once more or as you deem fit. 

**Always remember to warm-up for 3-5 minutes prior to your workout, and for a cool-down, stretch for 5 minutes.  Please consult your physician before trying the workout.