Testimonials – Athletes

“Paragi LLC strength and conditioning has been one of my keys to success over the past 8 years.

I began training with Paragi in 2006 with my high school basketball team. We were a family and she took us under her wing like a big sister- pushing us to do our best. Paragi is dedicated to her trainees and often goes above and beyond for anyone who is willing to work hard in order to achieve set goals and results.  I saw immense difference in my strength and overall conditioning level and started working out with her for baseball as well.

As a professional baseball player it is important that in my off-season, I stay in shape and work on anything that needs to be improved for the upcoming season.  Every year I train with Paragi and I see the results pay off during the season.

The best things about working with Paragi are: (a) knowledge for baseball specific workouts; (b) high and positive energy; (c) commitment and motivation

In addition she will mentally and physically push you to your limit while, guiding you from start to finish. Paragi is an exceptional strength and conditioning coach who I would high recommend to anyone seeking improvement.”

L.J. Hoes – Houston Astros

* * *

“I have trained with Paragi since I was thirteen years old.  Now I am twenty-three and I still have her as my trainer.  Through every phase of my athletic career Paragi has pushed me and trained with me every step of the way.

When I entered high school my main focus, athletically, was to get bigger and stronger.  I was smaller than the guys I was competing against and Paragi helped tremendously.  She helped me put on healthy weight, I got quicker, and she also helped me with my explosion.  During college, Paragi and I worked on maintaining and keeping me in shape during the breaks when I was home and not training with the team.

Since college Paragi has really been an intricate part in taking my game to the next level.  I compete against the best of the best on a daily basis and Paragi has prepared me for those battles.  She has worked with me on my first step and my reactions.  Since basketball is a game of reactions, she has created drills to sharpen my reaction skills.  We have worked on my balance as well as her giving me nutrition and lifestyle tips.   She is energetic, has an incredible work ethic, and above all is passionate about her craft.  I would not trust anyone else when it comes to getting my body in the best possible shape!

Paragi is a great trainer that is fully dedicated to her training and you will not be able to find a trainer that is more passionate and driven than her as well as maintaining a great working environment for her athletes.”

Chris WrightASVEL Basket, French League (Eurocup)

* * *

“After my first year of division one baseball I thought I was in peak physical condition. Then after my first day working out with Coach P, I realized I was no where close. Coach P pushed me to my highest potential every workout and I saw a noticeable difference in my strength after just one week.

If you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life, Coach P is the trainer you want to help you succeed with that goal. She is an expert at her craft and extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness.”

Drew FarberUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington Baseball

* * *

“Paragi Strength and Conditioning has undoubtedly played a major role in getting me to where I am today. It not only has pushed me physically, but mentally as well. I have been training with Paragi for seven years, her professionalism and dedication keeps me focused and motivated to become a better athlete.

After working with Paragi Strength and Conditioning, the results allowed me to perform at the next level. Paragi Strength and Conditioning is the answer to achieving your goals and becoming the best athlete that you can be. When working with Paragi, you know that everything you put into it is going to pay off.”

Trey WilkesOhio State University Lacrosse

* * *

“I’m a college athlete and I’ve worked with Paragi Strength and Conditioning for 3 years now, and I swear by her workouts and methods. If you live in the DMV, Coach P is the best coach you could ask for. She has endless knowledge and can really help push you to the next level of your game. She points out your weaknesses and works with you to develop yourself into an overall better athlete. Whether for personal training or team training for college or high school athletes Coach P will get you in the best shape you could be in. She pushes you to be better than you could have imagined, and you will leave every workout knowing that your limits were pushed and your body was challenged. Coach P combines a challenging atmosphere and a positive work ethic to help you succeed in ways you couldn’t have achieved on your own. If you are looking to be challenged and enhance your overall fitness and game while achieving real lasting results then Coach P is definitely the coach you need to work with.”

Rosie BrinckerhoffUniversity of Delaware Soccer

* * *

“Three years ago my daughter Alex, a three sport varsity athlete (track and field, basketball, & soccer) in the Washington Catholic Athletic Association, suffered an ACL tear in a basketball game. Alex recovered well but I needed help getting her back to her former athletic condition and prepared for college. I turned to Paragi for help. The approach Paragi uses emphasizes a way of life for sports success. In less than 3 months she had Alex better than ever and colleges were knocking at her door again. Alex is now a freshman track and field student athlete on scholarship at UCLA. Paragi is the best at what she does. She pushed Alex to the limit but she loved it. Thanks Paragi and keep training those athletes!!”

Stanford OliverFather of Alex Oliver