Testimonials – Fitness Clients

I am a 35 year-old former college athlete, and I have known and worked with Paragi for over 9 years. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a collegiate or professional athlete (or former athlete like me who is trying to fight off the rust of time) – she is the only personal trainer that you need, and the only one that I will ever use.

I have known many trainers who try to fit everyone into the same box by using the same techniques on every age, body type, and sport. Being a personal trainer is more than having a clever slogan or sound bite on a tee shirt; it’s more than being familiar with new techniques. There is no one better than Paragi at creating a program designed for the individual – not just what the individual wants – but what they need to be successful. Every time I came to her with a goal, whether it was better gains in my power, speed, strength, or conditioning – she got me there without fail.

“Be Game Ready” not only perfectly describes Paragi professionally as a leader and example in her field, but also puts any would-be clients on notice – there is no hype, no b.s., and no excuses – you’re going to listen, learn, work your ass off, and be better than anyone who steps in your way – even if its in the over-thirty soccer league.

Michael Fleming

* * *

I’m a mother of two and have been working with Paragi for the past 8 years. I can still recall my very first session with her, I was very determined not to lift heavy weights since I did not want the bulk of a man and I wanted my workouts to focus on my balance since I have an extensive Yoga background. Paragi was very patient with me and listened to my needs and goals and over the course of time helped me understand that proper strength training combined with nutrition was going to give me nice toned look (and NO BULK) What I enjoy most of my workouts with Paragi is her versatility. Today after having my second child 6-months ago she’s helping me through my recovery and higher goals.

Betsy Bindeman

* * *

Several years after we had our fourth child, we realized that we had both put on some pounds and that our energy level wasn’t what it used to be when we were in our 20s and 30s. We were at a crossroads with regards to our health—we could continue going down the path of gaining weight and becoming more and more lethargic, or we could become a healthier and more energetic couple and parents. Frankly, we had not decided which path we were going to chose, but just by luck, we met Paragi at that moment. At first, we were a little hesitant to be trained by Paragi. After all, Paragi is a certified and successful trainer of top athletes, not middle-aged folks who run out of breath after jogging up a few stairs. Wrong! She explained to us that she trained many different types of people, not just young athletes, and that our workouts would be manageable and very effective. Since we had nothing to lose, except some pounds, we decided to have Paragi work us out. It was one of the best decisions we could have made. In a short period of time, we lost weight; gained muscle tone, and found the energy we had lost years ago. I guess you could say that we were “game ready.” Also, since her workouts are always different and customized for our needs, Paragi’s workouts are never boring. Now, a few words of caution might be in order. If you are looking for someone to hold your hand, you hate to sweat, you don’t like to increase your heart rate at any time, or you don’t want to feel the results of your workout (i.e., a little sore or stiff the next day), Paragi is not for you. However, if you truly want a complete workout that is actually working you out, and you are willing to expend some sweat and energy (not blood or tears) on a regular basis, we would highly recommend Paragi.

Jeff and Stacy Celeib

* * *

Three years ago I met and started working out with Paragi at the referral of my sister. At that time she was the trainer for several high school teams and also helping my sister with rehab after a severe car accident. I was immediately impressed with Paragi after beginning my workout regime with her, which included a full hour of ” no play, serious” exercises for the upper body, lower body and the core. My body began to transform after only one month with her; shedding pounds as well as inches. She not only taught me how to exercise correctly, but also emphasized the right foods to eat. Today I continue to use what I have learned from Paragi by continuing to maintain my weight and enjoying my workouts.

Sheila Marshall

I met Paragi four years ago during my junior year of college. At that time, I was completely out of shape and I weighed more than 165 pounds. I had never been that size in my life. In December, Paragi came to my house for the first workout and I realized she was serious. The workouts were hard but with her encouragement I knew I could do them. As I went back to school, Paragi did not give up on me. She called me every week to check up on my workouts, created a diet and healthy food list and created a workout plan that I could do in my dorm room. By the summer, I had lost more than 20 pounds.

I thank Paragi for not only helping me lose weight but also helping me change my lifestyle. Her dedication as a trainer, tough workouts, and support has changed my life for the better. She leads by example with her own fitness and health regimen. I marvel at her dedication and hard work as a trainer and as a businesswoman. I recommend Paragi for anyone trying to live a more disciplined and healthy lifestyle. Currently, she trains most of my family. As a family, we have all seen changes to our bodies due to Paragi’s workouts. I thank her for everything she has done and I am forever grateful for having her in my life.

Brittany Marshall

* * *

In August 2008, I was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in a torn right femur and right ankle. I was on complete bed rest until January of 2009. I started my rehab with the aid of a cane in February 2009. Around the same time, I started working with Paragi once a week to compliment my rehab. Even though my insurance was paying for my rehab, I stopped the rehab after a few weeks and finished my rehab with Paragi and continued my training regimen with her. By the middle of March, I stopped using my cane and was once again mobile. Paragi worked with me patiently and I saw a gradual improvement in my flexibility and increased strength in my right leg. Today, after 5 years of my accident, I have continued training with Paragi, twice a week and I can do my own body weight pull-ups. What started, as a part of my rehabilitation process has now become a part of my lifestyle. Paragi also worked with me to improve my eating habits and today I can say that I’m in the best shape of my life.

Carol Banks