What is driving you?

July 31, 2014

Hi, this is Paragi and welcome to my (monthly) motivational video series.  This month we will talk about DRIVE.

With a month before school starting, athletes and students are busy getting ready for their sports or academics (hopefully both!)  If you’re a football player, this month is crucial especially since you’re about to start your two a days.

So what is it that DRIVES you to GRIND out each and every day with these activities? How do you define DRIVE and why is it so important? DRIVE is something that propels you to not only move forward but to do so with a specific purpose and passion.  You can have all the DRIVE in the world, but without putting in the time and effort – AKA the GRIND — DRIVE doesn’t matter nor will it lead to success.

Peyton Manning is arguably one of the best QBs of all time.  What DRIVES him every day when he’s waking up for training camp? It’s the second Lombardi Trophy that he’s been so close to getting twice. That is his purpose for continuing the daily GRIND.

What’s DRIVING you?

Post a video or comment or a pic of what DRIVES you on my Facebook, ParagiLLC page.  I will post an upcoming video of what DRIVES me as well! Make sure you’re living with purpose and passion and remember to always be game ready.